Deir Soubat – Al Bara Project

The collection and re-use of the collapsed stone in the Ancient Villages of Northern Syria, also known as the Dead Cities are group of archaeological sites and monuments located in northwestern Syria, in the Idlib region.

The Hekayya Project

Is a heritage preservation initiative that focuses on the participation and the empowerment of the local communities living in neighboring villages.

Beit Nana Project

Beit Nana (the house of grandmother) is of a great significance for Arabs in general, and for Syrians in specific.

The Idlib Museum Project

The work at the Idlib Museum began in April 2018 and it will continue until October 2018. The objectives of this project are to protect and preserve the remaining artifacts, and to rehabilitate the museum storage.

The Mosaic Workshop Project

The Mosaic raise awareness workshops In Berlin for the Syrian and German community.

The Portable Cinema & Library

A portable cinema and books distribution to children, has been set up by a SIMAT team at refugee camps along the Turkish border in northwest Syria.

Calendar & Events

April 2020

The current projects


Documentation of the sites destruction and deterioration damage assessment.

  • Documenting damage to the site of  Cyrrhus  –  Afrin area

Protection and emergency intervention.

  • Deir Soubat – Al Bara saved from collapse and destruction.
  • Documentation, protection and Preservation of artifacts in the Idlib Museum.

Sharing the responsibility of preserving heritage with the local communities.

  • The Hekayya and Beit Nana Projects.

How do we work!