The Portable Cinema and Library

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December 2023


Cinema is an important source of entertainment for people. It can also hold an educational dimension by conveying different types of information, cutting edge discoveries and theories. Unfortunately, a great number of Syrian children, especially those who have been internally displaced, have been deprived from their rights to entertainment, and they are probably not familiar with the concept of a Movie Theater. Even those who know what a cinema is, it is very likely that they have never been to one before.

Therefore members of SIMAT have been keen from the start to include a portable cinema and a library as part of the association’s education program. It is in fact a simple idea that does not require a large amount of funding, yet it can provide a safe haven for children where they can enjoy their childhood away from the scourge of war.

The project objectives and achievements

A portable cinema has been set up by a SIMAT team at refugee camps along the Turkish border in northwest Syria. The portable cinema consists of a projector, a projecting screen and a computer. The cinema has been moved across several camps in northwest Syria. The process of screening a movie is organized in accordance with the administration of the camp who usually gather the children in the cinema set. By the end of the movie, which is usually of an educational or historical content, the children are encouraged to discuss and exchange their ideas on the movie.

In addition to the display of films, SIMAT has distributed numerous books to children who are capable of reading. So far, this effort has proven to be extremely successful. The interest shown by the children and their interaction together and with the team of SIMAT has far exceeded our expectations.