The Mosaic Workshop Project

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December 2023

Mosaic art is one of the oldest types of art that has developed through the ages to become a craft in several countries around the world. Mosaic artwork dates back to the forth millennium BC in Mesopotamia and northeast Syria and it had spread across many parts of Syria during the Classical period. Syria became one of the most important centers for mosaic making during the Roman period, and contemporary Syrian artists still celebrate mosaic art making today.

The project objectives and achievements


The basics of manufacturing a mosaic piece is the same across the world, however, each country enjoys specific details and methods that do not share with others. The ongoing war in Syria imposes today a threat to the local handcrafts including mosaic. But thanks to one Syrian artist, Khawla Zakaria, SIMAT has been able to contribute to safeguarding this art by offering workshops In Berlin on mosaic art that raise awareness of the Syrian and German community on the importance of this art. Every participant in the workshop receives an introduction to mosaic art and its history in Syria, in addition to learning and practicing Syrian traditional techniques in making it. Moreover, SIMAT’s team has developed a presentation on mosaic art in general, and in Syria in specific. It is also planned to host artist Sonia Tawal from Jordan who will give a public lecture on mosaic art.