A special exhibition of the Ethnologisches Museum (Ethnological Museum), Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, at the Museum Europäischer Kulturen (MEK, Museum of European Cultures)

“From … to …” is an ambiguous designation, referring to neither a specific time nor place. The exhibition of the same name instead tells of dynamic processes – of continuities as well as ruptures and new beginnings. Each “to” contains a new “from”.

Movements and transformations, but also stability and stagnation manifest themselves in movement from one point to another – both within the reference frame of time and space and with regard to ideas. The exhibition From … to … focuses on the processes and transformations a person experiences, and presents a variety of topics that affect the diverse relationships between people and cultural heritage. Last but not least, it sheds light on how individuals influence the transformation processes that become registered in material and immaterial cultural assets.

Zarkashat Turathia

Zarkashat comes from Arabic and means “varied decorations”. The decorations can be of a material or immaterial nature. Turathia is an adjective derived from the Arabic word turath, meaning “cultural heritage”. When combined, Zarkashat Turathia refers to a variety of decorations in the area of cultural heritage.

The basis for Zarkashat Turathia – cultural heritage “decorations” – is the idea of the mobility stemming from different points of view and the interconnections between the project participants’ personal stories and certain collection objects. Individuals interact dynamically with the material and immaterial cultural assets. Zarkashat Turathia not only refers to cultural heritage in the sense of valuable treasures, but also emphasises its individual and collective meaning.

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